Walktober profile: @LovedayWalks

For our second Walktober profile of 2017, we’d like to present Jeremy Loveday, who goes by @LovedayWalks. His walking stats aren’t quite as impressive as @BobV’s, but he’s a councillor for the City of Victoria so we wanted to hear his thoughts on walking and walkability. Here’s the full scoop:

WOV: What is your favourite neighbourhood in Victoria to walk in, and why?

@LovedayWalks: That’s a tough question!  I love walking in all of Victoria’s neighbourhoods. If I had to choose, I’d say Vic West. The combination of waterfront paths, the industrial feel of the E&N rail trail, and the many beautiful character houses make Vic West a very enjoyable place to walk.

WOV: In your opinion, what is a key walkability issue that Victoria/Greater Victoria needs to work on?

@LovedayWalks: For a city to be truly walkable it must be safe for pedestrians. There are many streets and intersections that need new crosswalks or upgrades to include pedestrian activated signals. We’ve made some progress in the last few years but there is still lots of work to do.

WOV: There are many linkages between social justice and walkability–do you feel there a linkage that is especially relevant in Victoria, or especially relevant to the work you’re involved with?

@LovedayWalks: When I think about walkability, I think of safety, accessibility, and climate change. I’ve been pushing to make sure that all neighbourhoods receive equitable investments in pedestrian infrastructure. Upgrades and investments have historically come more quickly and more often to wealthier neighbourhoods. I passionately believe that walking should be safe and enjoyable in every neighbourhood in our City.

WOV: Why do you like to walk?

@LovedayWalks: Connection.  Walking allows me to experience a sense of connection with people and place. I enjoy having the time to experience the City through each of my senses, say hello to my neighbours, and appreciate the small things that make our city so special.