Walk On, Victoria’s 2018 Year in Review

We are already well underway into January, 2019, and with the New Year comes a time to reflect on the past year, and set goals for the year to come. Walk On, Victoria had a busy 2018, and already planning exciting things for 2019.

Every year, our Steering Committee has a Strategic Planning session, where we reflect on our achievements and challenges, and determine our organizational priorities.  Our 2018 Strategic Plan is found here. Below is a summary of what we achieved in 2018 based on the goals set out in the Strategic Plan.

Goal: Build Relationships

  • Worked with coalition of active transportation groups (Victorians for Transportation Choice) on municipal election candidate survey
  • Met with neighbourhood associations to discuss pedestrian initiatives
  • Built relationships with media (e.g. CBC Ratio, CFAX), and are a go-to for media on pedestrian issues

Goal: Political Advocacy

  • Advocacy resulted in positive results for pedestrians on projects: Johnson St. Bridge pathway (pictured), Wharf St. design, Humboldt/Government intersection

  • Started “thank you letter of the month” to reward positive pedestrian projects. Letter sent to City of Victoria (Johnson St. Bridge) and acknowledged by mayor and council
  • Sent letters to all municipal councils in Greater Victoria to introduce Walk On, Victoria
  • Provided input on City of Victoria 2019 strategic plan, which resulted in pedestrian issues being added to draft plan (e.g. Pedestrian Master Plan implementation)
  • Increased legitimacy in the community as the voice for pedestrians through continued advocacy work (E.g. recognized by New Westminster pedestrian advocacy group).
  • Governments are reaching out to Walk On, Victoria (e.g. Provincial Ministry of Transportation) for input on pedestrian issues.

Goal: Expand membership and representation

  • Recruited new Steering Committee Chair
  • Increased presence on social media. Total followers/members:
    • Twitter: 791 followers
    • Facebook: 247 members
    • Mailing list:444 members

Goal: Engage with Followers

  • Posted on Twitter at least 1x/ week, re-tweeted articles and information from other groups/individuals
  • Posted on Facebook at least 1x/month
  • Sent 4 newsletters in 2018 (January, April, July, October). 38-49% of readers opened the newsletter
  • Participated in 3 media interviews (radio)
  • Sent out member survey (77 responses) on walkability and sent results to City of Victoria Council

Goal: Walkability is a campaign issue during the 2018 local election

  • Worked on and sent out Victorians for Transportation Choice municipal election candidate survey
  • Members attended candidate meetings and debates to engage on walkability issues
  • Sent newsletter to members to encourage them to think about walkability issues when voting

Goal: Promote walkability and health benefits in the region

  • Members participated on City of Victoria and Saanich active transportation committees
  • 3 Steering Committee members hosted Jane’s Walks
  • Hosted movie night during Jane’s Walk with Victoria Placemaking

  • Hosted 2 theme walks during Walktober
  • Researched health organizations/exiting health campaigns

Event: Jane’s Walk

  • 3 Steering Committee members hosted Jane’s Walks
  • Hosted movie night during Jane’s Walk with Victoria Placemaking (Jane Jacobs documentary)
  • Promoted events through social media and newsletter

Event: Car Free Day

  • Attended event (booth)

  • Surveyed public about what makes Victoria walkable and what needs improvement
  • Sent results of car free day survey (and email survey) to City of Victoria council.

We are looking forward to an even more exciting 2019!