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Citizen’s Guide for Reporting Sidewalk Issues and Concerns

Generally, Greater Victoria is a great place for pedestrians.  However, there are times when our streets and sidewalks present a challenge for even the most intrepid pedestrians.

Here is a step–by–step process that should help you report matters related to pedestrian safety in your area (see the linked document below for relevant contacts and links to municipal websites):

Step 1.  Several municipalities have specific web links that allow users to report problems such as tripping hazards, light outages and the need for snow removal.  If so, using the web site “report” link should be your first step.

Step 2.   If the municipality has no direct web link to report a hazard (or if you do not receive a response using Step 1), the next step is to phone the municipal Engineering Department.  If the hazard or problem is in a municipality’s park, contact their Parks Department or move to Step 3.

Step 3.  If the municipality’s Engineering Department does not respond, phone the municipality and ask to speak with the senior administrator.

Step 4.  If there has still been no response or if no action has been taken, contact the local mayor and council.

The following list indicates how to contact each of the local municipalities and the Capital Regional District in order to report an obstacle or other challenge to walking safely in Greater Victoria.

Each municipality’s website is organized differently and they often change their sites in order to make them easier to use. If the information or links below need to be updated, please let Walk On, Victoria know by emailing: info@walkonvictoria.org
In addition, not all municipalities make it clear on their websites how individuals should report pedestrian hazards. In such cases, Walk On, Victoria suggests moving directly to Step 3.


Guide with municipal links and contacts