Report a problem

We are currently updating our handy-dandy tool. In the meantime, we suggest you Google “report a problem” and the name of your municipality. Most CRD municipalities now have easy-to-use reporting forms!

Here are some of the links:

City of Victoria

Bylaw violation (e.g., signage blocking sidewalk, overgrown plants, lack of snow clearing):

All other issues:


Bylaw violation:

All other issues: Saanich does not have another form for problems that are not bylaw infractions. We suggest you use the above form, or the general feedback form:, and/or email

Oak Bay:

Bylaw violations and all other issues:


Bylaw violations:

All other issues: Esquimalt does not have a form for reporting issues that are not bylaw violations. We suggest you use the same form and/or email


Bylaw violations:

Other issues: