Pedestrian Safety- September

Whether you are heading back to school, shuffling your kids back to school, or commute through school zones, we are urging you to be extra vigilant! As many people are now also returning to work from their offices, our schedules are likely feeling new again. This feeling can cause us to be rushed, and make poor decision while we commute. This impact is greater for those commuting by their car, as blowing through crosswalks or school zones is very dangerous. Remember to be patient and give yourself extra time if need be, especially if you are driving or cycling.

It takes effort from everyone (drivers, busses, cyclists, pedestrians, and more) to remain safe during our commute, but distracted driving and poor infrastuitcute often have the most devastating effects. Earlier this month, we learned of the tragic death of a Sanich resident, killed at a crosswalk. You can learn more here.

Check out other articles here regarding pedestrian safety during September and how much more important is it during this time to eliminate distracted driving.

  1. BCAA has a great article here that aims to educate drivers on travelling safety as we transition to this new season.
  2. The RCMP has an article detailing September as the “Distracted Driving Month” and its impacts, here.
  3. The Times Colonist details how traffic safety will be enforced this new school year, here
  4. ICBC shares some really interesting stats here, about the impacts of distracted driving.