Janky June 2023 Wrap-Up!

The 2nd annual Janky June contest was a success! This year we received continued support by the community for our contest for the jankiest sidewalk in town, which was a great time. This year’s theme was “Pedestrian Infrastructure, or lack thereof”. Thank you to all of you who entered, we received a great amount of entries and feedback from various neighbourhoods. Without support from pedestrians, we would not be able to put this contest on.

Not only did we get great support from the community, but we also received a lot of local media coverage! We encourage you to check out the coverage below:

  • Times Colonist “The worst sidewalk in Greater Victoria is just a thin strip along a busy
    road” : Linked here
  • Times Colonist “Photo contest to find Greater Victoria’s worst sidewalk” : Linked here
    Check News “‘It’s just so dangerous’: Lansdowne Road sidewalk named worst in
    Greater Victoria” : Linked here
  • Global News “Narrow strip of concrete voted Greater Victoria’s ‘jankiest sidewalk’”:
    Linked here
  • CFAX1070 “Where Is The Worst Sidewalk In Greater Victoria?”: Linked here

And another big congrats to our Janky June winners, Chad and Marilyn! Chad made the harrowing journey through the area of 1885 Landsowne Road (pictured above, courtesy of Times Colonist) to capture this very thin and dangerous sidewalk. Marilyn found an out of place set of stairs
that emerges from the sidewalk on Granite Street in Oak Bay. We also appreciate that both the Mayors of Saanich and Oak Bay commented on the contest winners, and acknowledged the concern.

As ultimately, one of the goals of the #JankyJune contest is to create a positive outlet for the community, that highlights pedestrian infrastructure that needs improvement. Janky June can mean lots of things to many people, but we are ultimately thrilled to have been able to spark a conversation about pedestrian safety and advocacy.