#JankyJune wrap up

The winners of the inaugural #JankyJune contest are in! Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and voted. Local media picked up the results, including CTV news, Chek news, CBC Radio, Capital Daily and the Times Colonist. Walk On, Victoria started #JankyJune to highlight some of the most shameful sidewalks, or lack thereof, in Greater Victoria, and introduced a lot of folks to a new word along the way. 

The range of underwhelming or missing pedestrian infrastructure was impressive and really shone a light on the worst of the worst sidewalks, or lack of sidewalks, in Greater Victoria. For people who walk, roll, or use mobility devices and strollers, these oversights can be inconvenient at best and a dangerous impediment at worst. 

Next time you encounter poor pedestrian infrastructure, consider voicing your concerns to your municipality! Most local governments have a reporting form that makes it quick and easy: https://walkonvictoria.org/report/. The more that local governments hear from their constituents, the more of a priority it becomes. 

Winner, worst sidewalk (Cedar Hill Road)
Winner, worst lack of sidewalk: Cedar Hill and Cedar Hill X Road